I love analogies. Good ones make it easier to share ideas. Great ones latch on the memory. Even bad ones are useful, if only to be made fun of!

For time management, I love imagining a big pitcher of the water, representing available time. There’s a fixed and finite amount in that pitcher, not an endless supply. It’s not a faucet or fire hose. 24 hours in a day, no more!

With this water pitcher comes a bunch of buckets, representing projects or areas of focus for time. Work, kids, wife, personal projects, exercise, sleep, reading, education, yard work.. all the different areas I can spend my time.

Time management is about being intentional with which buckets get filled up and how much they get filled up. You can’t fill up any single bucket without taking water away from the others. There’s no “work-life balance”, there’s just intentionality about your buckets!

A lot of times we pour all put water in the “loudest” or most urgent bucket and deprive the rest from their share. That’s not to say they should all be equal, just that we should be intentional with the allocation.

For me, this visual image helps me remember that my time is finite and can’t be stretched out. But, I can pick which buckets get filled up!