A short, audible-only, collections of essays by Anne Helen Peterson.

First, I dislike the millennial thing. Yes, naming generations is easier than repeating “adults aged 25-35”, but it smacks of cliche and I guess it just annoys me! 🙂 But, embracing cliche, we’ll say that this book explores the burnout that many millennial feel.

First, I’m not sure there is anything different in the burnout Anne describes and the crisis facing previous generations. Everyone has their struggles and each of us searches for our own meaning. It just seems self-centered to elevate one generational set of issues above another.

But, all things considered, I do appreciate the explicit naming and discussion of social issues.

  • Student Debt.
  • Housing Prices.
  • Wealth Inequality.
  • Social Media

The discussion I liked most revolved around the stress that comes with being always connected to social media. So many folks advocate getting disconnected, but it’s just not happening. I got my oil changed yesterday and spent about 20 minutes in the Jiffy Lube lobby with nearly a dozen folks. Every single one spent the entire time crouched over their phone…