My name is David King Traub and I’m a mechanic at heart.

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to work with an incredible variety of projects and people. From serving on a handful of boards and running a $40M manufacturing company to engineering new products, designing software and raising money, I’ve been lucky enough to learn a wide variety of skills. But, what I love is putting on the mechanic hat and getting under the hood.

To me, there’s nothing better than finding out how things work; appliances, cars, computers, software, biology, organizations, economics, processes, people… the world is driven by these systems and it’s addicting to learn about!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and started learning engineering software in High School. I originally dreamed of being an Aerospace Engineer and working on rockets. Evenings after class were spent at the local shipyard as a drafter/designer, where experience was handed out by the boatload. I became the first certified SolidWorks expert in Washington, but fell more in love with the processes that coordinated people. It’s still engineering, but more abstract and vastly more rewarding.

Fast forward over the next dozen years and my dream has changed a little bit. I’m passionate about helping people grow and building world-class teams. Acting as a mechanic on an organization, I love using my skill-set to diagnose root cause problems and develop something great. I love attacking the “impossible” and celebrating the win.

My currents:

  • Work: Considering opportunities! (just wrapped up a nine-year stint, culminating as CEO.)
  • Education: Weekends at Seattle University’s EMBA program.
  • Book: Ulysses by James Joyce
  • Show: Comedians in Cars getting Coffee
  • Project: A cloud-based task tracker, with dependency and status tracking between tasks.

Life’s about learning and it’s important to blend a wide-variety of knowledge with a handful of deep specialties. Here are some things I’m currently learning about!

  • R (software)
  • Economics
  • Gardening
  • Software Design

If you’re interested in chatting, shoot me an email at

I’m always looking for good book recommendations, partners for projects and opportunities to help people and organizations grow.